Who We Are

Richard (Bimmy) Lebo


Bimmy is the founder of Maverick Yachts Costa Rica who has been fishing for bill fish for over 65 years. Born in Florida, Bim is retired from Maverick and at the age of 81 just took up sword fishing from his home in Florida. Bim and his wife Nancy lived many years in Costa Rica moving from Quepos, where they owned Costa Rica Dreams, to Los Suenos where their Blackfin became the first charter boat in the new marina. Bim and his Captain, Daniel Espinosa, designed and built the first Maverick, the Spanish Fly, which is still in daily service after almost 20 years. Bim built the boats, and Nancy developed the charter business that would become Fly Boats.

Laurence (Larry) Drivon

Big Boss

Larry and his wife Donna with Danny and Xiomara Espinosa are the owners of Maverick Yachts Costa Rica. Larry began off shore fishing in his 20’s and at the age of 78 has been at it for over 50 years. Larry and Donna live in Napa, California when not at their home in Los Suenos. Larry says life is not all bad. Build boats in Costa Rica, and sell wine in Napa. Larry has been an owner of Maverick for 15 years first as a partner with Bim Lebo, until Bim’s retirement 7 years ago. Larry and Donna married the year that Maverick was founded. 2020 will be the 20th anniversary for both them, and the company. Larry has one daughter.

Daniel (Danny) Espinoza

General Manager

Danny was born in Quepos Costa Rica, and had his first job as a professional fisherman at the age of 14. He began running a “panga” shortly thereafter. Bim Lebo was looking for someone to run his fishing boat after he moved to Quepos with Nancy, and he found Danny. That was an association that continued until Bim’s retirement in 2012, and he has since continued with Larry in the fishing and boat building businesses. Danny ran the Spanish Fly, a boat he and Bim designed and built as the first Maverick, for over 10 years. Over his career he released over 20,000 bill fish. He has overseen the construction of every boat ever built by Maverick Yachts Costa Rica and continues as the General Manager. He is 46years old. He and his wife, Xioma have 3 children, and are earning a stake in the company. They are committed to the long-term success of Maverick. Danny runs the show, and Larry would not have it any other way.

Xiomara (Xioma) Espinosa

Banking and Human Resources Manager

Xioma is a native Costa Rican, married to Danny and is the mother of their children. She has been with Maverick for 11 years and takes care of the money and human resources for its 75 employees. Want someone to watch over the money? Hire Xioma. Need someone to keep Danny in line? Hire Xioma. One of the nicest people you will ever meet, she knows how to make her point. If Maverick was big enough to have a Controller, it would be Xioma. She takes care of all vendor payments, contract collection, payroll, governmental compliance and similar matters. She performs similar duties for Mavericks sister company, Fly Boats, Ltd, our charter boat operation where we employ an additional 43 people. She and Danny are principals of Fly Boats.

Estefany Espinosa

Maverick Marine Supply Manager

Estefany is 26 years old, and has earned her new position as the manager of Maverick Marine Supply, Maverick Yachts Costa Rica’s newest venture. She is the daughter of Danny and Xioma. After completing her degree in Business Hospitality Management, she joined Maverick where she has served as its Inventory Manager for the past 3 years. Her duties will now expand to developing our new Marine Supply. She is married and lives with her husband in Herradura within a mile or so of the factory. They have no children.

Jonathan Monge

Project Manager

Jonathan is 42 years old, has 4 children and has been in boat building for more than half his life. He started 22 years ago with Gamefisherman and joined Maverick 6 years ago. He has handled very aspect of cold molded boat building over those years and is a master boat carpenter. His ability to plan and execute a build is admired by everyone. He lives in San Jose, Costa Rica and comes to Herradura during the work week.

Gerardo (Pina) Solis

Project Manager

Pina has been with Maverick for 17 of his 20 years as a boat builder. Another Gamefisherman alumnus, he earned his spurs first as a carpenter and there is none better. He is also an accomplished painter who can do any of the jobs involved with building a cold molded sportfishing boat. He is married with 5 children. Strong as a bull with the hands of an artist. He and his family live in Herradura.

Nelson Sanchez

Paint Department Manager

Nelson has been with Maverick since day one. 19 years. He is 52 years old and has 2 children. He has more experience in boat building than anyone else at Maverick. He started in 1984, and has spent the last 35 years perfecting his craft. He supervises the largest group of employees of any department at Maverick, and is responsible for the unmatched quality of paint job on our hulls. A few years ago, one of the large US marine paint companies sent an expert painter to show us how it was done. That guy wound up going to school. Nelson was the teacher.

Jonny Zamora

Hull and Big Parts Manager

Jonny lives with his wife and 3 children on the Maverick property where he also serves as its overseer. Jonny oversees construction of the primary parts of the boats including the hull, cabin and other “big parts”. He takes a pile of wood, and makes it into a boat hull. The final result of our boat building effort depends on the foundation that Jonny produces. The perfect finish on the hull of the finished boat would be impossible if not for the attention to detail that Jonny brings to the operation. He started at the bottom with Maverick and has learned his craft over the past 12 years. He has become one of the best.

Luis Ledezma

CAD Design and CNC Operations

A graphic designer by training, this 43-year-old Costa Rican came to Maverick two years ago to take charge of our design department. He taught himself CAD design and learned to operate our then idle CNC machine. We were so impressed with his mastery of this machine (which we did not even know how to turn on) that we created the CAD Design and CNC department. It became so productive for us that we purchased a second machine, and he taught himself to operate that one as well. He has 5 children, and lives in the area.

Carlos (Chino) Rojas

Transportation and Plant Maintenance Manager.

Chino is 29 years old, married to Danny’s daughter Estefany he has no children. He lives in Herradura with his wife. He has been with Maverick for 6 years. He is in charge of all thing’s transportation related, and he supervises maintenance of the facility. He makes a lot of different pieces of the operation work smoothly. Need it taken care of? Ask Chino.