Maverick History

Maverick is a 20-year-old boat building company in Costa Rica.  Born of the desire by Bim Lebo to have a great fishing boat in his new home in Costa Rica, Bim and his then Captain, Danny Espinosa, decided the best way to get what they were looking for, was to build it themselves.  So, they did.  The result of many, many years of fishing and boat owning was the Spanish Fly. 

Danny was the launch Captain and served about 10 years at the helm of Spanish Fly.  He documented over 10,000 billfish releases over that time from that boat and won many tournaments doing so.  Although the boat kept fishing, Danny took over operation of the factory when Bim retired, and remains both an owner of Maverick Costa Rica, and COO of the company.

The original boat began charter operations in Los Suenos at the inception, and she still heads the fleet today.  With about a dozen boats to 50’ in the fleet, Maverick’s sister company, Fly Boats, is the largest charter operator in Costa Rica.  Every boat in the fleet is a Maverick.  It will always be so.  Fly Boats now runs nearly 2000 off shore fishing trips a year out of Los Suenos, and operates the Maverick Center at the Marina.

In the beginning our boats were made in a warehouse at the airport in San Jose Costa Rica.  A few people came to work with us, and we built one boat at a time.  Lots of hand tools and lots of skill produced the first Mavericks.  About 10 years ago we acquired the current site and moved the operation to the Los Suenos area on the Central Pacific coast near Jaco Beach.  

From one building we became several and construction of the new building for Maverick Marine Supply has begun.  We will be the largest supplier of boat building and marine supplies to retail customers in Central America.  We have over 20,000 square feet of facilities including modern CNC equipment and full CAD capabilities to make our builds not only beautiful and functional, but also built with a high level of precision.  Time marches on.

All that said, human hands, minds, ambition and pride will never be replaced in our boat building world.  We started as a company by combining the best people and materials to produce the best boat we can make.  We continue into the future by combining the best people and materials to produce the best boat we can make.

Always was, still is.